White Sheet


The Single Topic Consultation allows you to pick a specific area of your life that you would like to become more sustainable. This includes personalized product recommendations (if applicable) and habit changes.

You can decide if you are most focused on budget, convenience, or maximum impact. 

White Sheet


Below are a list of topic areas that our team has covered with past clients. This list is not extensive, use it as inspiration to choose your single topic;

  • Household cleaning

  • Cooking / eating habits

  • Work / office space

  • Backyard / outdoor spaces / gardening

  • Pet care

  • Holiday celebrations

  • Gift giving

  • Party décor

  • Travel

  • Beauty / personal hygiene

  • Electronics

  • Investments / donations

  • Household renovations (renter friendly options too!)

  • Volunteering

Net Bag and Glass Jars


Following your consultation, our team will review and research our resources and create a customized plan for your topic of choice. This will include products and habits that will help you achieve your goals.

Your custom plan will be emailed to you within 72 hours of your consultation.

While some customers may have similar goals, your plan will ALWAYS be customized to you and your goals.

Our team is available for follow-up if your plan is not working or if you are wanting to re-evaluate and get new recommendations for other topic areas.