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The Comprehensive Business Audit will assess your day to day business operations to identify and provide solutions in areas where changes can be made to increase profit margins, save time, and help the environment. Known as Triple Bottom Line (TBL) accounting, being aware of your company's impact on people, planet, and profit are integral to your overall success. While one of these may be more important to your business, they are all intertwined and the goal of our sustainability team is to help you achieve all of your goals while expanding the overall success of your business' mission.


Before your consultation, you will need to think about what aspect of sustainability is most important to your business.

Do you want to save money? Only make changes that are convenient? Or make the most impact on the plant?

Hint... most of our comprehensive business plans include all three. However it can vary on product swaps or habit changes. Be sure you're ready to tell our team what is most important to your company goals and mission!

This also comes with deciding your team's level of commitment to your sustainability journey. Our team is here to make sure your business is successful whether that is making 1 change or switching 10 things in your company. With your commitment, our team will also need to know if there is a strict budget for these sustainability impacts. It can greatly alter our customized plan so we want to ensure we are proposing changes that will be attainable.

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Following your consultation, our team will review and research our resources and create a customized plan for your business' sustainability journey. This will include products and habits that will help you achieve your company's goals. We will also do our best to include additional resources for your business to expand sustainability implementation that may fall beyond our capabilities at the moment, such as CSR reports and ESG reporting.

Your custom plan will be emailed to you within one week of your consultation.

While some companies may have similar goals, your plan will ALWAYS be customized to you and your business goals.

Our team is available for follow-up if your plan is not working or if you are wanting to re-evaluate and get new recommendations. We strongly recommend scheduling a follow-up consultation between 6 months to 1 year following your initial consultation as new products hit the market and our research expands to deliver the best products to you.